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Workshop 1 | 10:15 - 11:45

1A – MI Wage and Hour - Jennifer Fields, State of MI-Wage & Hour

  • Act 390 - MI Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits
  • Act 138 - The Workforce Opportunity Wage Act (MI Minimum Wage & Overtime)
  • Act 166 - Prevailing Wage on State Funded Projects
  • Act 62   - The Human Trafficking Notification Act

1B – Voluntary Wage Assignments - Martin Brook, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash


1C – Benefits Compliance and Strategy for the HR Superhero - Joel Clark, JS Clark Agency, Inc.

  • Health Care Reform and the New Administration
  • Regulator Updates
  • Health and Welfare Compliance


Workshop 2 | 1:00 - 2:30

2A – Executive Compensation Audits, What is the IRS Looking For? - Michael O'Toole, Esq., APA National Speaker


2B – Benefits Compliance and Strategy for the Payroll Superhero - Joel Clark, JS Clark Agency, Inc. 

  • Health Care Reform and the New Administration
  • Regulator Updates
  • Health and Welfare Compliance 

2C – What is Behind the Mask in Your Payroll/HCM Software - Anne Marie Palma, Paycor

  • Compliance Misses that Can Cost You Money
  • What Makes Payroll Easy but You May Not Know It's There
  • Reporting Tricks in Your HCM Company, It All Starts With Payroll

Workshop 3 | 3:00 - 4:00

3A – UI 101 - Understanding Unemployment Insurance - Scott Bankert, Equifax Workforce

  • History and Intent of UI System
  • Calculation of FUTA Taxes and Use of FUTA Funds

3B – Millennials & Generational Preferences Around Payment & Paycards - George Mavrantzas, Global Cash Card

  • How and Why Millennials are Impacting How Payment Are Being Used Today
  • Identify Workforce Trends That Highlight Millennials Specific Demand in Regards to Payments and Paycards
  • How and Why the Landscape Has Changed for Payment and Paycard Demographics


3C – Exempt Vs Non-Exempt FLSA - Katie Dombecki & Gail Hay, Paychex

  • Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Hours Vs Salaried
  • Exempt Vs Non-Exempt
  • Salary Level, Salary Basis and Job Duties Tests

Workshop 4 | 4:30 - 5:30

4A – Is Your Company on the Fast Track for Faster Payments? - Rona Mehl, Clearing House

  • Payments Yesterday, Today and the Future.  What Does it Mean for You, Your Company and Your Employees?
  • Do Faster Payments Have a Place in Your Company?
  • Next Steps for Planning Faster Payments Success in Your Company


4B – Mergers and Acquisitions - Matt Kaufer, Equifax Workforce Solutions

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • UI Tax Management/Savings Opportunities
  • Compliance Updates

4C – Issues with Calculating Gross Pay - Howard Goldman, CPP, Ilitch Holdings, Inc.

  • Bonus/Commissions and the Regular Rate of Pay
  • Salary Proration
  • Piecework and Component Pay

Workshop 5 | 8:30 - 9:30

5A – Michigan Treasury Online (MTO) - Sarah Rusnel & Brandi Branson-Boone, SUW Michigan Treasury Online

  • MTO Functionality, Navigation and Updates

5B – Cyber Security-Keep Your Payroll Information Safe - Joe Malott & Gus Hendrickson, YYCC

  • Understanding Cyber Security Threats
  • How to Protect Valuable Business, Payroll and Employee Data
  • How to Reduce Your Risk


5C – Payroll Optimization-A Lens on Customer Experience Using Service Design - Penny Weller, PHD, The Hackett Group

  • How to Provide Excellent Customer Service to Internal Customers, Vendors and Employees
  • Understand Concept and Trends Internal Customer Experience
  • Identify Concepts and Service Design and Design Thinking
  • Understand How Reframing Those Internal Customer Relationships Can Enhance My Career

Workshop 6 | 9:45 - 10:45  

6A – FOC-Online and Electronic Resources - Robyn Large, Federal Office of Child Support

  • Use of the OCSE Child Support Portals
  • Electronic Income Withholding Orders
  • New Hire Reporting

6B – State of Michigan Unemployment MiWAM - Carrie Dillon

  • Using the MiWAM System - How To Handle Wage Errors
  • Overview of Obligation Assessment
  • How to Handle Unemployment Fraud


6C– Hot Topics in DOL-Common Labor Law Violations - Robert Darling, US DOL

  • The Requirements of the Law
  • A Per Industry Breakdown on What to Watch Out For
  • Ideas to Keep DOL Out of Your Business

Workshop 7 | 11:00 - 12:00  

 7A – FOC-Online and Electronic Resources - Robyn Large, Federal Office of Child Support

  • Use of the OCSE Child Support Portals
  • Electronic Income Withholding Orders
  • New Hire Reporting 

7B – Why Wage and Hour Claims Will Remain at Record High - James M Reid IV, Esq., Maddin, Hauser, Roth 

  • Learn What to Expect Under Trump Administration
  • Understand Importance of Updated Job Descriptions and Ability to Work Remotely
  • Identify Legal Versus Illegal Deductions and Time Keeping Practices

 7C – Garnishment Law for Payroll Professionals - Samuel Gilbertson, Willis Law

  • Recent Changes in MI Garnishment Laws
  • Requirements for Employers
  • Protection for Employers
  • VOE-What Can be Released, Retention, Subpoenas, Faxing and Writing, and Giving Information Over the Phone 

Workshop 8 | 1:00 - 2:00

 8A – Payroll Accounting - Ashley Rabie, CPA, Yeo & Yeo 

  • Financial Statements and Audits
  • Internal Controls and Controlling Check Fraud
  • Recording Payroll Transactions

 8B – Unemployment Issues - Brian Gmerick, FAR Management 

  • Unemployment Issues
  • How to Prepare for Unemployment Hearings

 8C – Helping Employees Save for Their Children's Education - Jennifer Uhlar, MI Education Savings Program 

  • Easy to Offer Employees at No Cost to the Employer
  • Why Saving for College is So Important
  • How Offering Free Education on Savings for College Can Enrich Your Benefits Plan