2018 Michigan Payroll Statewide Conference - Workshop Descriptions


Workshops are subject to change.  Workshop downloads will be available closer to the conference dates.



Thursday, October 11, 2018

Workshop 1 

1A – Paycards - George Mavrantzas, Global Cash

  • This new study reveals hidden habits, perceptions & pay preferences for American workers
  • How generational trends are changing when it comes to technology
  • How the future of pay is being driven by the gig economy, millennials, and Gen Z

1B – Accrued Wages - Dallas Winfong, Rapid!PayCard

  • Tools for accurate payment of accrued wages
  • It's a recruiting and retention tool benefit
  • Currently in use by Uber

1C – Child Support - Chris Townsend, MI Office of Child Support and Pam Sala, Oakland County FOC

  • IWO and recent changes to conformed form for all states
  • New hire reporting
  • Withholding requirements


Workshop 2 

2A – Cyber Security - Protecting Employee and Company Data - Rona Mehl, Legal Shield

  • Breaches, fraud, identity theft
  • Health

2B – How To Prepare 1095Cs - Sue Maathiesen, Marsh & McLennan Agency

  • Reporting 1094C and 1095C
  • IRS employer mandate penalties 

2C – Client Services: Optimizing the Customer Experience Using Service Design
-Penny Weller, The Hackett Group

  • Understand concepts and trends in customer service
  • Identify concept of service design
  • Understand how reframing with those I work with to be "My Customers" can improve the relationships

Workshop 3 

3A – Payroll Handbook - Paychex


3B – How to Prepare for an Audit/Internal Controls/Fraud - James Reid, Maddin Hauser 

  • How to prepare for an audit
  • Internal controls
  • Fraud


3C – Payroll Accounting

Workshop 4 

4A – Updates from US Dept of Labor - Daniel Murphy, US Dept of Wage and Hour Division

  • Time travel
  • General FLSA presentation
  • Salaried employees/exemptions


4B – Skills to Effectively Interview Job Candidates - Cary Newby, Yeo & Yeo

  • Illegal interview questions
  • Interviewing intake and interview questionnaire
  • Interview tips and tricks

4C – 5 Key Observations from the 2017 Global Payroll Performance Study - Felicia Cheek, The Hackett Group

  • Understanding the imperative for payroll in a digital environment
  • Preparing payroll to operate in an environment with new skills and talent focus areas
  • Leveraging best practices to achieve top performance in payroll

Friday, October 12, 2018

Workshop 5

5A – Tax Law Updates - Dan McHugh, Advance Capital Management

  • Major changes to tax rates
  • Things we can do today versus waiting until next year's tax filing
  • Adjustments the payroll world will need to make and how to answer employee questions

5B – Healthcare Reform - Jennifer Young, JS Clark Agency

  • Healthcare reform updates
  • The tough topics in benefits
  • Regulatory updates


5C – Regulatory Compliance in Corporate Restructures - Matt Kaufer, Equifax Workforce Solutions

  • Due diligence: Payroll notices, audits
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Savings/cost effect of the M&A activity
  • Compliance factors that must be considered

Workshop 6   

6A – Retirement - Dan McHugh, Advance Capital Management

  • Changing roles of Payroll managers in regards to 401K processing
  • How payroll integration with record-keeping can save you time

6B – Healthcare Reform - Jennifer Young, JS Clark Agency

  • Healthcare reform updates
  • The tough topics in benefits
  • Regulatory updates

6C – Emerging Issues in State Unemployment - Matt Kaufer, Equifax Workforce Solutions

  • Summary of UI system
  • Unemployment tax rate calculations
  • Methods to control unemployment costs
  • Compliance responsiblities/Federal & State Legislation updates

Workshop 7   

 7A – Updates from MiWAM - Carrie Dillon, MiWAM

  • MiWAM Review/Support
  • How to contact the agency
  • How to view Michigan.gov/UIA

7B – Updates from Michigan Treasury Online - Sarah Rusnell, MI Dept of Treasury

  • Sales use and withholding tax update
  • MI Treasury online navigation and live demonstration
  • MI Treasury online updates

 7C – Updates from MI Dept of Labor - Jill Hookey, MI Wage and Hour Division

  • Update public ACT 390 MI Payment of wage and fringe benefits
  • Update on the workforce opportunity wage ACT 138 (MI minimum wage and overtime)
  • Update on ACT 62, the Human Trafficking Notification